About Us

Ava Coconut Oil was born out of the health condition of the owner. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008 and a friend introduced him to coconut oil in 2012 as a food supplement to help stabilize his sugars.

After taking the oil as a supplement and also using it as the main source of edible oil for 3 months, he noticed a considerable improvement in his sugars. This aroused his curiosity and led him to research on the health benefits of coconut oil.


After being convinced of the benefits and the need for coconut oil, he decided to set up a blog to educate young up and coming professionals to be minded of their diet especially the type of fats they consume in order to avoid lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

However after a careful consideration of the non available of good quality coconut oil on the Ghanaian market he decided to go into its production and marketing of virgin coconut oil and that was the birth of ava coconut oil. The rest they say is history.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a multi-national food processing company serving Africa and beyond whilst building a vibrant and sustainable community in which we operate.

Our Mission

At GKV we build skills and enthusiasm to drive world class brands using basic technology such as the separation method to add value to agricultural produce from our local community without loosing their natural nutrients and deliver shareholder value

Our People


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